Tow bar wiring for a caravan. What’s changed?

The way technology has improved in our tow vehicles and our caravans is incredible. However not much has changed when it comes to the plugs for the tow bar wiring.

There are a few types of trailer plugs to choose from usually chosen by the installer of the tow bar. These types are 7 pin small round plug, 7 pin large plug, 6 pin round plug and 7 pin flat plug.

7 pin flat plug is now the most common plug fitted. Caravans introduced the 12 pin plug which is a 7 pin flat plug with an extra row of pins for fridge and battery supply.

The 12 pin plug dose not have a great reputation as the pins for the second row would melt due to the current draw from the caravan accessories. Now days an additional 50amp Anderson plug has taken the current load away from the 12 pin plug by powering the high draw accessories.

12 pin trailer plug wiring diagram

There is now a need for a second Anderson plug (red) as braking system in the caravan has improved dramatically. The braking system can now include brake away protection and even stability control.

The wiring diagram below is a good example of caravan requirements for your tow vehicle. Please check with the caravan manufacturer for the specified diagram.

Trailer plug wiring with ESC

The other major change is a dc to dc charger being fitted within the caravan. What this means is that on vehicles with a smart alternator no longer need to fit a dc to dc charger in the vehicle as a requirement.

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